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Humanity’s reach has expanded. The Sovereign, a council tasked with affecting balance for the ruling systems, resides over most charted space. A popular card game amongst free-port merchants and mercenaries, Sovereign’s Chain matches strategy, skill, and a bit of rogue luck for its players and punters.

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"It is snappy and interactive, and each game feels different thanks to the many event cards and the random draw of the class cards. It has some clever tricks to explore and that “one more round” kind of feel." Review by Thematic Circle

"It’s very competitive without feeling mean, and there’s enough randomness to give even new players a fighting chance in every game." Review by Gaming Trend

"The major accomplishment here is in finding balance between a thoughtful design that offers a wide range of maneuvering and a core of simplicity. " Review by Player Elimination

"Buy it!" Review by The Discriminating Gamer

"Sovereign's Chain is a wonderfully simple but complex decision-making game. Will you play a card to your tableau to enhance your score, or play that card on another's to cripple theirs?" - Review by Nerds on Earth


To play, Class cards are placed in front of you or your opponent, forming chains. While most cards are played face-up, activating their ability, some can be played face-down to be activated later. Class cards come in two suits, with the game continuing in turns until any player's chain reaches seven cards long. The player with the highest score; equal to the difference between the total suit values of their chain, wins. To add a wrinkle to the game, a small deck of Event cards change up the rules.


  • 13 Shield Tokens

  • 21 Modifier Tokens

  • 21 Suit Tokens

  • 4 Reference Cards

  • 15 Event Cards

  • 70 Class Cards

  • Rulebook

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